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If so, this may be remedied in a number of ways:

1. Contact your solicitor immediately

Don't wait weeks/months before following the problem up. Let your solicitor know you are unhappy. If s/he does not take or return your telephone calls, write to them, ensuring you keep a copy of the letter (photocopies are available at reasonable costs from Post Offices and some local shops). If you do not get a satisfactory response within, say, 7-10 working days, then go to step 2.

2. Law Society Practice Rule 15

All solicitors' practices work to something known widely as 'Rule 15', which is centred around client care. Part of Rule 15 deals with the way practices handle complaints and there will be a complaints procedure that you can ask for. There is also be someone with responsibility for client care issues in each practice. Phone and ask for that person's name, then write to them direct; again, keep a copy of your letter. They will then take you through the Complaints Procedure to reach a conclusion.

If you are still unable to obtain a satisfactory response to your requests, or you are dealing with a solicitor who works on his or her own and you have told them you are unhappy but this has not been acted upon, go to step 3. 

3.  Legal Ombudsman

If you've complained to your solicitor about poor service or about their bill, and you aren't satisfied with your solicitor's response, you should contact the Legal Ombudsman on 0300 555 0333, who can help to resolve your complaint for you. - See more at: