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Relevant paperwork

Assemble this and have it ready for your first appointment. If you are not sure what is relevant, put it all together. Your solicitor will advise you what s/he does/does not want when s/he sees you.

What do you expect your solicitor to do?

Give an indication of what you expect your solicitor to do, so that s/he can agree with you what it is possible to try and achieve. State clearly if that does not meet your expectations, or indeed if your expectations change.

Time limits or targets

Indicate if you have a personal time limit or targets to work to. Your solicitor will let you have any specific limitation dates which will apply to your case, such as three months from the incident in employment tribunal cases.

Was everything clearly explained?

Make sure you always understand what your solicitor has discussed with you. If you think you may have a problem with this, take a relative/friend with you, but let your solicitor know you will be doing this. If you are unclear about ANYTHING, please say so immediately.

Providing information

You should provide all information/documentation requested by your solicitor as quickly as possible.

Contact details/change of circumstances

Please let your solicitor know immediately as this may affect the way in which your case is dealt with.

Phone calls

Every call that your solicitor makes on your behalf - including those you make to him or her - incurs a cost. So make sure you have a note of what it is you want to ask and do not just ring to talk about the weather! You may think they just want an update on the case when in fact nothing will have changed since you last called.

Solicitors are busy people

Although your solicitor will try to make you feel you are their only client, realistically you know this is not the case and they are usually very busy. DON'T WORRY - if you are anxious about something, which perhaps has a time limit on it, or your solicitor has not been in touch for a while, it is quite acceptable for you to contact them. A gentle reminder (maybe via their secretary or in writing) is all that you need to do to ensure the right things are happening in the allocated timescale.