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What questions should you ask? This is particularly important if you have not used that firm or solicitor before, for example:

  • Does your firm undertake the area of work which includes my problem? (be prepared to give a brief explanation)
  • Will someone have the time to help me?
  • Do you offer a diagnostic interview, or the first half hour free?
  • And then once you have established the basic information:
  • Will you explain to me what you can do, what my chances of success are and how much you will charge?
  • Will you explain all the other costs involved, such as search fees, court fees etc (known as disbursements)?
  • Will I be able to pay in instalments?
  • Will I be eligible for public funding (legal aid), or are there any other payment arrangements available?
  • Are there any insurance policies available to cover some of the costs?
  • Is this a case for "No win, no fee?" (which solicitors know as conditional or contingency fee agreements). Will you also go through the risk assessment you will need to do on my case?

Special needs (ie disabililty including mobility, hearing or sight problem, a special language requirement etc) - mention this when setting up the first appointment

Home visit - if you require someone to visit you at home or in residential care, please state this requirement.