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The Birmingham Law Society 

The Society consists of the 5 Professional Officers, 13 Board members, 38 Council members and 13 Committees
The Professional Officers and the Board have been focussing upon increasing the profile of BLS as a representative body for its diverse membership.  BLS, through its committees and members, has responded to important consultations.  This has been reinforced by the support given by BLS to Birmingham Law Centre, and its work to continue to provide vital access to justice services.
A main theme of the President and the Professional Officers and the Board has been to strengthen ‘Team BLS’. The involvement of Council and other members playing a part in the future of BLS, its representative function, and in engaging in activities, has been an important aspect of the year. The President has through the debates which have been taken place at Council meetings provided a discussion platform for a number of important issues for the profession. The Board’s objective is to manage the business of the Birmingham Law Society allowing the Officers to concentrate on membership matters and ensuring that the Officers, particularly the President, receive maximum support from the Board.